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Don't you just love jokers? Have you ever given a though to the Paddington bear animated shows? Well you need to! Paddington bear is a fictional character who first starred in the comic books by Michael bond, before moving to TV series in the late 1980's. Moreover, Paddington is said to have moved from Peru, having been sent by his uncle.

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The storyline on Paddington is based on a lost bear trying to find his way, but gets adopted. The bear was found lying on the stage by Brown's family, with a suitcase written, "Please adopt this bear". Brown seeing him all alone, adapts him. He starts by naming him Paddington, from the railway station where he found him. However, Paddington is not as good as he seems, whenever he goes to the market he stirs up trouble. Nevertheless, he gives his best shot in trying to settle the dust.

Main Characters

  • Mr. Henry brown- He adopted Paddington bear
  • Mrs. Brown- the wife to Mr. Henry
  • Jonathan and Judy-Brown's children
  • Mrs. bird-Brown's house keeper
  • Mr. Gruber-owner of the shop
  • Mrs. Curry
  • Brown's neighbor
  • Aunt Lucy
  • Paddington's' aunt who lives in Peru
  • Uncle Pastuzo- Paddington's' uncle

Main quotes

  • "Never is the easiest cop-out in the world. Set a goal and don't quit until you attain it. When you do, set another goal and don't quit till you reach it. never quit!"-Paddington
  • "The fun never goes out, but it changes over the years with losing and winning" - Paddington

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on May 26th, 2014
this bear looks like he's clever and awesome :) i would love if i have him as a pet :p

on July 18th, 2014
My little sisters see the paddle of your page at first time. Thanks a lot for providing this. I am thankful for your picture