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Chicken Little colouring pages are loosely based on an old fable about a chick who thinks the sky is falling, runs and tells the whole town he lives in this, but everyone thinks he is just crazy. Then when something bad does actually happen, no one believes him and he has to save the day, from aliens.

88 free Chicken Little colouring pages for kids can be found below ready to print out. Click the images to go the the page where you can either print off the image or save to your computer. You have given these printable sheets 5 out of 5 with 10 voters.

Just like in the fable, a lot of the characters have rhyming names (Turkey Lurkey, Loosey Goosey, Buck Cluck, Foxy Loxy), and the character Morkubine Porcupine, who only says three rhyming words in the movie, "Yo", "No" and "Whoa!".

Other key characters in the movie include:

  • Abby Mallard, another well-known fable character (the ugly duckling)
  • Fish out of Water, which is what is said when you think someone has hopped out of the pool when playing Marco Polo with friends
  • Runt of the Litter, who is actually really big (runts are usually the smallest one)
  • Kirby

Originally, Chicken Little was going to be a girl in the movie, not a boy.

Did you know Chicken Little has 250,000 feathers? I know, because I counted!

And, this is the second time Disney has made a movie called Chicken Little. Back in 1943 they made a version that stuck closer to the fable (for example, no aliens).

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on June 16th, 2014
this chicken is very handsome haha but it's a little bit weird though

on August 12th, 2014
The little kids learning everything from the parents. So we can say that parents are the primary and main teacher of child