Free Character Colouring Pages for Kids

Welcome to free colouring pages!

Welcome to our new colouring pages website. From here you can find around 5,000 pictures and sheets that you can print, paint, colour and have fun with. One of our favourites is cutting out different characters and putting them on one big picture together, it's a great printable activity.

We dedicate our time to providing a free resource and colouring activites for parents and children alike. In the last year we've added over 2,000 free colouring pages and the numbers growing. All your favourite characters including the new Boxtrolls, Frozen and many more. You can easily print, paint and colour in these pictures and sheets when ever you like. Some other useful ideas for these images are things like making your own little colouring books for party bags (Halloween, Christmas or Birthdays), leave in a doctors surgery or even a dentist waiting room. We've even had positive comments from nursery workers saying they've used these free colouring images in their nursery, thank you.

We love the fact that our website benefits children on all ages so get printing your favourite pages now.

Enjoy :-)

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