Free Character Colouring Pages

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Totally free colouring pages website online for kids of all ages. From here you can find around 5,000 pictures and sheets that you can print, paint, colour and have fun with. One of our favourites is cutting out different characters and putting them on one big picture together, it's a great printable activity. We have a huge selection of boys colouring books online including Fireman Sam, Ben 10, Bob the Builder and more. We also have a load of girls colouring pages to print like Disney Frozen, Peppa Peg and Sleeping Beauty

Printable Sheets for Girls and Boys

Welcome to the one of the biggest collections of the greatest colouring pages for kids and adults on the Internet right now. Find thousands of high quality and original sheets through browsing the several links you can find below.

Did you know that a simple activity like colouring in a book will be able to give lifelong benefits for you and your children? This kind of fun and simple activity will help greatly especially in the development of the children. From holding and controlling pens to colour matching.

Educational Colouring Games

These are essential educational tools in preparing the children for school. At the same time, this is considered as one of most fun activities of the kids. It can spark their imagination and mind along with giving them an opportunity to express themselves.

All you have to do is to give your children (boys and girls) our pictures with their favourite film stars, animals or cartoons. They will definitely spend hours using them and enjoy to colour them in. They can also learn new words and sentences. Kids are using descriptive words in talking about their feelings whenever they see various styles of colouring pages. This activity helps a lot of toddlers in developing critical thinking ability. In addition, you also have the opportunity to spend quality time together and having fun.

Everyone Loves Colouring In

Another cool thing is that you're giving your children the ability to learn about patience and relaxation which will let your children be more comfortable and relaxed each time they develop a piece of art.

With the pages that we have, your kids will be able to colour different shapes and figures in any way that they like. At the same time, this will give your child a great sense of accomplishment whenever they're able to finish a page.

Focus is another important thing that your kids will get from these printable pictures that we have on our website. It is already proven that the children who are spending their time to colour have better focus and concentration skills. As a child grows older and progresses, they're going to learn the essence of boundaries that comes in our pages. This exposure to boundaries will be a huge help while they are learning how to write.